RSDPS Workshops and Seminars

RSDPS organize workshops and seminars for parents in Muzaffarnagar in which our experts train mother and father to develop their child. Our expert Mr. Sanjay Ahuja (Life Coach) Ex. Air Force motivate and guide parents in RSDPS workshops who seminars running day by day. Mr. Sanjay guide about health, education, behavior, habits. Because not only child education change their development but also parents life education can change their child improvement.

Patents Problems in Seminars. Do you have also these problems??    
When baby come in society, so first of all parents face their baby health problems.
When baby is big then parents face education problems like as: school admission...
When baby is more big then parents face their behavior problems.
When baby is more big then parents face their habits problems.

Parents Views Workshops:-  

Mothers Seminar Video:-


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